Non-Gaming Vendors

A non-gaming vendor is any person who provides non-gaming related goods and services to a Maryland licensed casino. Before applying for approval to become a non-gaming vendor, an applicant must have a Casino Certification of Business Relationship — a written agreement that can only be issued by a licensed Maryland casino or by designated casino construction companies that are authorized to issue such certifications.

A Maryland non-gaming vendor:

  1. Includes suppliers of food, alcoholic beverages, or non-alcoholic beverages; refuse handlers; vending machine providers and service personnel; janitorial and maintenance companies; tenant businesses or franchises located within casinos if such goods and services are not gaming related; providers of transportation services if such services are not gaming related; persons involved in the construction of a casino; lessors of real property or goods; payroll services and other employer-related services; employee recruiting services; or
  2. Is a person whose services the Commission determines must be Registered or Certified; and
  3. Is prohibited from providing or attempting to provide any gaming related goods, services or supplies unless licensed by the Commission as a gaming Manufacturer or gaming Contractor.

Vendors providing Security personnel:

Any vendor applicant seeking authorization to provide Security personnel to work within, or on the premises of a Maryland casino or Maryland casino license applicant, must submit a Certified Vendor application and be approved by the Commission.


Unless the Commission directs otherwise, a vendor that provides, or anticipates providing non-gaming related goods and services within a calendar year with a combined total value:

  1. of less than $19,999 is exempt from submitting an application to the Commission;
  2. from $20,000 to $299,999 to a single casino or casino license applicant is required to be Registered by the Commission;
  3. from $20,000 to $599,999 to multiple casinos or casino license applicants is required to be Registered by the Commission (unless at or above $300,000 to a single casino or casino license applicant, in which case the Vendor must be Certified by the Commission);
  4. at or above $300,000 to a single casino or casino license applicant is required to be Certified by the Commission; or
  5. at or above $600,000 to multiple casinos or casino license applicants is required to be Certified by the Commission.
Non-gaming vendor applicants must register with the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation (“Maryland SDAT”) prior to submitting an application to the Commission. Vendors must maintain compliance with Maryland SDAT regulations throughout the term of their approval. For more information, visit

Casino non-gaming vendor applications are submitted electronically. Reference the Vendor Applicant Reference Guide for step-by-step guidance on accessing the online vendor applications.

All vendor applicants seeking authorization from the Commission to provide non-gaming goods or services MUST contact a Maryland casino to initiate the vendor application process. Vendors who have been selected by a casino to provide non-gaming goods or services will be given access to the electronic vendor application system. Vendor applicants should contact the Procurement Office at the casino where the vendor anticipates conducting business:

Hollywood Casino Perryville:

Ms. Jennifer O’Keefe     410-378-1132

Ocean Downs Casino:

Mr. Brian Reinhart    410-641-0600 Ext. 3195

Maryland Live! Casino:

Procurement Office – or 410-782-3346, 443-445-2413

Rocky Gap Casino Resort:

Procurement Office – Ms. Chelsea Mills or 301-784-8422

Horseshoe Casino Baltimore:

Ms. Shakira Garcia    443-931-4116

MGM National Harbor:

Procurement Office  301-971-6962

Questions or concerns may be emailed to the Vendor Coordination Team at

View the Maryland Approved Vendors List

View the Maryland Prohibited Vendors List

According to Code of Maryland Regulations (Title, the following persons that provide any of the enumerated services to a casino are exempt from vendor registration and certification requirements:

  1. Public utilities that provide:
    1. Water;
    2. Sewerage;
    3. Electricity; or
    4. Natural gas;
  2. Insurance companies that provide insurance to a video lottery applicant or licensee or its employees;
  3. Employee benefit and retirement plans, including 401(k) plans and employee stock purchase programs;
  4. Professional associations that receive funds from the video lottery applicant or licensee for the cost of enrollment, activities, and membership;
  5. Units of federal, State, county, or municipal government;
  6. Manufacturers of alcoholic beverages;
  7. State-chartered or federally chartered banks or savings and loan associations;
  8. Providers of professional services, including accountants, attorneys, engineers or architects, and others identified by Commission staff to be providers of professional services;
  9. Telecommunication, satellite, or internet services;
  10. Shipping services;
  11. Persons that engage in efforts to influence legislative or administrative action on behalf of a video lottery operation applicant or licensee for economic consideration;
  12. Educational or training opportunities for facility employees;
  13. Professional entertainers, sports figures, or other celebrities engaged by a video lottery operation licensee to appear at a licensee-sponsored entertainment or promotional event;
  14. Representatives of a media outlet or provider of a simulcast service;
  15. A vendor that provides, or anticipates providing, within a calendar year a combined total value of nongaming related goods and services to State video lottery operation applicants or licensees of less than $19,999; or
  16. A vendor for whom the Commission determines registration or certification is not necessary in order to protect the public interest.

For information related to “Maryland State Department of Assessment and Taxation (Maryland SDAT)”, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: The Commission will only accept paper copies of:

1)  Vendor Change of Information Form 1021U:

2)  Vendor Change of Information Form 1021CC-U;

3)  Vendor Change of Information Form 1023U; and the

4)  Casino’s Declaration: Emergency Usage of Non-Approved Vendor Services, Form 1024.

Paper copies of Form 1021, Form 1021CC and Form 1023 are obsolete and will no longer be accepted. All information required to complete these three forms will now be submitted electronically through the MLGCA online licensing system. FORMS 1021, 1021CC and 1023 ARE PROVIDED FOR REFERENCE ONLY.

Vendors seeking approval to provide non-gaming goods and services must contact a Maryland licensed casino to gain access to the electronic submission process.

Paper renewal applications are no longer accepted. Vendors must submit renewal applications to the Commission electronically via a Maryland casino. For questions related specifically to the Renewal Process for all Registered or Certified Vendors, please contact Ms. Dana Tayag at:   or

Per COMAR (Code of Maryland Regulations) – .17 Vendor Registration and Certification – Sections H, I, and J:

H. A Vendor’s Registration or Certification:

(1) Remains in effect for 5 years from the date the Commission approves (the original date of) Registration or Certification;

(2) May be RENEWED by the Commission if the applicable (Vendor) Form, and any required fee, are submitted as required under this regulation at least 90 days before the expiration of 5 years from the date of the (original) written notification (to the Vendor of their original approval);

(3) Shall automatically expire if a Vendor does not comply with RENEWAL requirements under this regulation; and

(4) Is subject to cancellation by the Commission if the Commission determines that the Vendor’s continued conduct of business with a Video Lottery Operation (casino) application or licensee is contrary to the public interest of the State or the policies in State Government Article, Title 9, Subtitle 1A, Annotated Code of Maryland, or this subtitle.

I. The Commission’s decision to deny or cancel a Vendor Registration or Certification does not give rise to an appeal right under the contested case provision of the Maryland Administrative Procedure Act.

J. The Commission may maintain and make publicly available a list of:

(1) Registered and Certified Vendors; and

(2) Vendors that are prohibited from doing business with a Video Lottery Operation (casino) applicant or licensee because the Commission had denied or cancelled their Registration or Certification.