Casino Revenue Reports

Year/Year Total Casino Gaming Revenue — February

Month/Year Revenue
February 2023 $157,055,925
February 2022 $162,965,304

Includes casino gaming revenue from February 1 – 28 for years noted.

Fiscal Year to Date: Total Casino Gaming Revenue

Fiscal Year Revenue
FY 2023 $1,375,920,395
FY 2022 $1,318,956,310

Includes casino gaming revenue from July 1 – February 28 for fiscal years noted.

Monthly Revenue Reports

To view a detailed breakdown of fund disbursement, fiscal year-to-date totals for the individual casinos and the combined state cumulative total, click on any of the links below.

Older monthly reports can be found here.
MLGCA Annual Financial Reports can be found here.

Cumulative Casino Gaming Revenue Since Inception

Institution Total
Maryland Education Trust Fund $4,992,708,566
Casino Operators $8,479,082,143
Horse Racing $734,657,930
Local Support $738,685,750
Maryland Lottery and Gaming $121,605,642
Small, Minority and Women-Owned Business/Commerce $104,779,576
General Fund $15,337,018

Totals include casino gaming revenue from 2010 through February 2023.

FY 2022 Casino Revenue Distribution

$2,001,780,232 in Gaming Revenue

*Total operating expenses of the Gaming Division are $16,359,767.