The MLGCA Casino Compliance Division is responsible for ensuring that the casinos operate within the rules and regulations set forth by the State of Maryland, as well as the casinos’ own internal policies. Compliance personnel work on site at each Maryland casino and are present during all hours of operation. Their duties include the following:

  • Monitoring for COMAR violations: Compliance personnel monitor casino operations to ensure compliance with State of Maryland gaming regulations.
  • Monitoring for internal control violations: Compliance personnel monitor operations to ensure that each casino complies with its own internal operating procedures.
  • Gaming floor observations: Compliance personnel observe all activity by casino employees and patrons.
  • Table games observations: Compliance personnel observe the opening and closing of table games, as well as all play at the tables, to ensure compliance with State regulations and casino policies.
  • Voluntary Exclusion Program (VEP) enrollments: Compliance personnel complete the enrollment paperwork for persons who wish to voluntarily exclude themselves from Maryland casinos.
  • Monitoring currency drop and count: Compliance personnel monitor the currency collection from slot machines, table games and casino sportsbooks, as well as the currency count.
  • Casino employee applicant fingerprinting: Compliance personnel conduct the mandatory fingerprinting for all employee applicants on site in the casino’s compliance office.

To file a formal complaint regarding these issues, visit the MLGCA Compliance office at each casino, or contact us at 410-230-2601. You can also fill out a complaint form online.