Commercial Electronic Instant Bingo

Maryland Criminal Law Article §12–308 limits the licensing of commercial electronic instant bingo facilities. The statute authorizes only the 13 existing sites that house electronic instant bingo machines, which are located in Anne Arundel County and Calvert County. No additional applications to operate a new instant bingo facility may be accepted.

Maryland Lottery and Gaming regulates the electronic instant bingo machines at these sites under COMAR 36.07. Regulations require that instant bingo machine software be certified by an independent testing lab, that the machines be registered, and that machine manufacturers, distributors and service technicians be licensed. The State of Maryland does not receive any portion of the gaming revenue generated by the machines at these sites.

The 13 licensed commercial instant bingo facilities are as follows:

Anne Arundel County

Calvert County

Bingo Hall Responsible Gambling Webinar

Staff members at these facilities are required to view a webinar on responsible gambling within 30 days of being hired. The webinar focuses on the signs of problem gambling and educates bingo hall staff members on the resources available to individuals who may have a gambling problem.