Employees: Gaming & Non-Gaming

Individuals must be licensed before working in any licensed casino or bingo hall in Maryland. The burden of proving and maintaining qualifications to receive and retain a license is at all times on the applicant.

Additional details on the licensing process are available here (English) or here (Spanish). Contact the Casino Licensing and Background Investigation Division at Gaming.Services@maryland.gov.

Gaming and Non-Gaming Licenses

An individual must be at least 18 years of age to receive a Gaming license (for jobs such as table games dealers, slot machine attendants and security personnel); or a Non-Gaming license (for jobs such as clerical and administrative staff, food and beverage servers, maintenance personnel and stewards).

The process of receiving a license is as follows:

  • Apply for a job with a casino or authorized casino vendor and receive a conditional job offer. Upon extending a job offer, the casino or vendor will determine whether an individual needs to apply for a Gaming or Non-Gaming license. Individuals who are being hired for positions that require Gaming licenses will first receive a Temporary Gaming license, which may eventually lead to the issuance of a permanent Gaming license.
  • Submit a Gaming or Non-Gaming license application. Individuals who receive conditional job offers from a casino or vendor must submit their license applications via a casino or vendor computer terminal. Applicants for a license must be fingerprinted and photographed, and must pay the required application and license fees.

Individuals under the age of 21 are prohibited from entering a Maryland casino’s gaming area. An exception to Maryland Criminal Law 10-136 and Title 9, Subtitle 1A-24(c) allows an adult under the age of 21 years to enter a gaming area only while the gaming employee is working.

Please note: The Bingo Manager License Application, Form #3004 and the Bingo Sponsored Manager License Application, Form #3005 are non-specific and can be used with the Instant Bingo Facility License Application, Form #3001 (facilities with more than 10 machines) as well as the Instant Bingo Facility License Application, Form #3008 (facilities with 10 or fewer machines).


Instant Bingo Facilities (with 11 or more machines)

Instant Bingo Facilities (with 10 or fewer machines)

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