Licensing Overview

All employees, vendors, contractors and manufacturers must be licensed before working in or with Maryland’s six licensed casinos or the 13 licensed bingo halls located in Anne Arundel and Calvert counties.

Bingo/Casino Employees & Applicants

For information on obtaining a Gaming license (for jobs such as table games dealers, slot machine attendants and security personnel); or a Non-Gaming license (for jobs such as clerical/administrative staff, food and beverage servers, maintenance personnel), click here.

Vendors: Gaming & Non-Gaming Goods and Services

For information on becoming licensed to provide non-gaming goods and services to a casino (food and beverage suppliers, janitorial and maintenance services, transportation providers, staffing agencies, IT solution firms and construction companies) and information on approved vendors, click here.

Gaming Manufacturers & Contractors

For information on gaming manufacturer license applications and approved manufacturers, click here.

For information on gaming contractor license applications and approved contractors, click here.

Allied Gaming Regulators

Investigators and staff from allied Gaming Regulation Commissions, Enforcement Divisions or Control Boards seeking license verifications are asked to submit requests in writing. Requests on agency letterhead and copies of information release authorization forms may be emailed to

Sports Wagering

For information on sports wagering licensing, click here.