Ancillary Responsibilities

Maryland Lottery and Gaming is charged with regulatory oversight of the following ancillary activities:

  • Skills-Based Amusement Devices: State regulations require the annual registration of gaming devices that take money or tokens and award non-cash prizes worth up to $30, or tickets/tokens that can be redeemed for prizes. For information, click here.
  • Instant Ticket Lottery Machine Program (ITLM): This special Lottery program is open to veterans’ halls on Maryland’s Western Shore that are 501(c)(4) or (19) tax-exempt organizations. For information, click here.
  • Bingo Halls: Maryland Lottery and Gaming regulates 13 facilities with electronic instant bingo machines located in Anne Arundel and Calvert counties. For information, click here.
  • Fantasy Competitions: Maryland Lottery and Gaming regulates fantasy competitions, including online simulated games and contests. For information, click here.

Maryland Lottery and Gaming does not have oversight of raffles, contests or fundraisers operated by charitable organizations or community groups. Local jurisdictions may have rules and regulations that pertain to these activities. Information is available from the Maryland Secretary of State’s Charitable Organization Division, or from county governments across the state.