Sports Wagering Operational Requirements

After being found qualified via Maryland Lottery and Gaming background investigation and awarded a license by the Sports Wagering Application Review Commission (SWARC), all sports wagering licensees must fulfill operational requirements before they are permitted to launch. Maryland Lottery and Gaming staff will be in frequent contact with each licensee to provide guidance on the process.

Before being given approval to launch, all mobile and facility licensees must submit documentation of the following elements and have the documentation approved by Maryland Lottery and Gaming staff:

  • Internal control procedures
  • Security and surveillance systems and procedures
  • Technology and back-office systems
  • Responsible gambling plan

In addition, the following requirements apply to all sports wagering licensees:

  • The MLGCC must find each licensee’s sports wagering contractors and staff qualified for licenses. SWARC approval of contractors and staff is not required.
  • Each licensee must verify that it has trained its staff to conduct sports wagering operations.
  • Each licensee must successfully complete a controlled demonstration of its sports wagering operations, which involves scheduling two dates to conduct live wagering under the observation of Maryland Lottery and Gaming staff.

Sample Documents

The following documents are provided for illustrative and reference purposes only. Please note these documents may not include all elements that are required. Maryland Lottery and Gaming staff works closely with all licensees and will provide specific guidance on completing each requirement.

Regulatory Checklist: This document displays the regulatory requirements for all licensees, along with a suggested timeline showing how far in advance of the opening date each task should be completed. The suggested timeline provides aspirational targets. Maryland Lottery and Gaming staff will work with each licensee on the specific timing of each step. For questions regarding these tasks and timelines, send an email to [email protected].

Responsible Gambling (RG) Plan: This document provides a template for the RG plan that each licensee must submit. Approved RG plans must cover a variety of elements, including staff training plans, the execution of the licensee’s self-exclusion program and efforts to prevent underage gaming. For questions regarding the RG plan requirements, send an email to [email protected].