Lottery and Gaming Commission Finds Queen Sportsbook Maryland Qualified for Mobile Sports Wagering

April 27, 2023

Queen Sportsbook Maryland heads to SWARC to be considered for license award

(Baltimore) — The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission (MLGCC) today approved the qualifications of Queen Sportsbook Maryland, LLC for a mobile sports wagering license. The next step for Queen Sportsbook Maryland is expected to come in May when the Sports Wagering Application Review Commission (SWARC) is scheduled to meet and may consider awarding a license at that time.

Under Maryland’s sports wagering law, the MLGCC conducts background investigations to determine whether an entity has demonstrated the honesty, integrity, good character and financial stability to be qualified for a sports wagering license. SWARC evaluates applicants’ suitability and determines whether awarding a license to an applicant is in the public interest.

The MLGCC also found Queen Sportsbook Maryland qualified for an online sports wagering operator license. The company is currently evaluating third-party providers for servers.

As Queen Sportsbook Maryland awaits SWARC’s mobile license award, it is working with Maryland Lottery and Gaming staff to fulfill operational requirements. After being awarded a license by SWARC, each sports wagering licensee must conduct a controlled demonstration, ensuring that its systems and internal control procedures are functioning correctly. Once a business has successfully completed these steps, Maryland Lottery and Gaming is authorized to issue a license allowing the business to begin operations. A timeline for the launch of Queen Sportsbook Maryland has not been determined.

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